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And How We Do It

In the simplest of terms – what we do at Be You is to work with people to offer them a sense of more freedom by assisting them in removing their emotional splinters (more about that later). The blockages to the freedom they are seeking may show up in many different forms.

The first set are the things that tend to have us feeling quite negative at times

  • Freedom from a recognised condition such as anxiety, depression, overwhelm, panic attacks, PTSD, stress, poor self-image, eating disorders, body dysmorphia
  • Freedom from a fear or phobia of a particular thing – such as a fear of flying, death, cockroaches, snakes, water, public speaking, driving, etc
  • Freedom from a feeling that you can’t shake – such as anger, sadness, guilt, shame, grief, frustration, worry
  • Freedom from self-consciousness, what people think about you and social anxiety
  • Freedom from limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • Freedom to express yourself fully – to be fully heard and seen

The second set are more around growth and upgrading your experience of life

  • Increased levels of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness, self-belief
  • Increased feeling of worthiness and the ability to receive on all levels
  • Increased conscious awareness of habits and beliefs
  • Unlocking more energy and potential
  • Unlock greater levels of creativity
  • Being able to shut off, relax and sleep better
  • Increased sense of peace
  • Improved relationship with yourself – this is where the gold lies. Most people have an abusive relationship with themselves, if any at all. When you get this relationship sorted – you no longer need anything from the outside to be happy. You then get to choose who and what you want in your life.

What we’ve found whilst working with hundreds of people is that once you clear this stuff up – people usually say something around the lines of “I now feel like who I really am” – hence the name.

Be You :O)

The name “Be who you really are” (our previous evolution) literally came from people saying that at the end of sessions. This not only became our name, but a mission that we took on as part of our own growth.

How we do it?

We use a combination of techniques when working with people, and as those people are totally unique, we have no set protocol or program. It totally depends on the person, where they are now, and what they desire to achieve.

The thing that does remain constant are the 4 main areas we work on.

  1. We always start with clearing any emotional trauma or unresolved emotional overwhelm. This removes the emotional triggers and feeling level blockages which gives an instant relief and literally lifts the fog so we can see what’s going on underneath. We can start to see what’s really driving things.
  2. Next is to find and release the beliefs and stories that are generating the emotion and holding them in place.
  3. Once removed the process of becoming more consciously aware of your behaviours and habits starts. This then gives you the chance to clear even deeper stuff.
  4. Once a lot of the emotional load has been taken away and you are feeling less burdened and much lighter, we then start to build a loving relationship with your self. This then becomes the rock solid foundation you build your life upon. When this is strong – you are internally referenced and literally self-sufficient and self-supporting. This is what we define as freedom.

The work we do usually has a permanent effect and doesn’t require you to keep working on things. Once you achieve the desired result, it just becomes part of who you are now.



What You Can Expect


Get answers to those questions that you may have.

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life. People from a wide range of backgrounds with different cultures & beliefs. I’ve worked with both males and females of all ages and a wide range of problems. I believe that anyone can benefit from working with me, especially people who feel like they are held back in any way by their emotions. Also people who have tried lots of different therapies, counselling etc and feel like it has either left them feeling somewhat better, or in some cases the same or maybe even worse.

Some of the things that I’ve helped people with are Depression, Stress, Anger, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Panic attacks, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Body image problems, Eating disorders, Weight loss, Sleeping problems, Fear of personal attack, Fear of public speaking, Phobias (Driving, Flying, Dying, Snakes, Passing tests, Agoraphobia), Grief (loss of loved ones), Lack of self-confidence, Low self-esteem, Self sabotaging behaviour.

This is something that I can’t really answer until I’ve had a chance to speak to you and find out where you are now and where you would like to be. This is the purpose of the free 30 minute consultation. Book one now so I can see what you want to achieve and we’ll take it from there – click here for more details.

I have worked with a wide range of people with various issues and conditions and have had great results for those people. No two people are the same or have dealt with the same things, so I am extremely flexible in my approach and have no set way of approaching a session. As long as you truly want to resolve the issue you are dealing with, and you are open minded, then I am dedicated to make that happen for you.

This is a common question that I hear. To reassure you – I’ve seen over a 400 clients and every single one of them was able to quickly learn the techniques. A large percentage of them hadn’t done anything like this before.

I have had many clients who came to me after trying lots of different therapies, a lot of them who had literally given up, and they all said that what we did was so much more effective and painless – fun in fact!

I can also vouch for this personally as I’d tried pretty much everything to find inner peace but to no avail. However, the techniques I use were the thing that cleared pretty much everything I’d ever dealt with in just a few sessions. See the “Why are you so passionate” question near the bottom of the screen.

Not only do you not have to go over your past, but you don’t have to share a single thing about what you are dealing with. On the other hand if you want to share then that is fine also.

This is another concern quite a few people have. It turns out that it’s exactly the opposite. When we have trapped emotional issues then we become very sensitive to dealing with life. This leads to a habit of feeling avoidance and makes us shut down emotionally. When these issues are resolved we are no longer sensitive, we open back up and can actually feel much more than before. People usually feel lighter, happier, more connected and able to express themselves more fully.

This is one of the things that I love about what I do the most. You don’t need what caused it or to have any intellectual understanding of your problem. As long as you can access the emotional feeling that troubles you then I can teach you how to resolve it.

I’ve successfully trained many people who suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and they’ve resolved their emotions and no longer have the attacks. The difference with what I teach is that I train you to be in control of the panic feeling so that you can safely resolve it.

The reason that I’m so passionate about what I do is because of the difference it has made to both my life, and the lives of over a hundred people that I’ve now trained. I’ve always loved people and loved helping people, so to empower people in getting over life long challenges, painlessly and simply is just the best gift in the World.

On a personal note – here is a list of the things that changed for me within 3 months of doing this work. It’s hard to put into words just how much my life changed, but I hope this gives you some kind of idea 🙂

  • Happier
  • Lack of self-conciousness
  • Increased self confidence
  • Increased self Esteem
  • Stopped worrying
  • Lack of resistance
  • Lost my defensiveness
  • Reduced resistance to change
  • More motivated
  • Noise in head stopped
  • Increased sense of peace
  • Much more patient
  • Less needy
  • More self aware
  • The world and people showing up differently
  • Now trust my intuition
  • Much more positive
  • Self assured and self reliant
  • Looking after myself better
  • Trust myself
  • I now love myself
  • More open minded
  • More energy
  • Increased sense of connectedness
  • Don’t beat myself up
  • Increased sense of freedom
  • Able to be vulnerable
  • More content with life
  • Clearer thinking
  • Less judgemental towards myself and others


Tim would love to tell you more about the free discovery session and what you will learn. Please click below to join him now.


And What Drives Us To Do What I Do

Tim suffered with crippling PTSD symptoms, depression and anxiety for over 30 years, starting at the age of 7 when he had a life changing, traumatic experience. This transformed his childhood and made the next few years, especially school, a dark, difficult time.

9 years later, just as he was coming to terms with being a teenager and starting to come out of his shell, he and some friends were chased and cornered by a gang of lads in town. This terrified him, brought back his symptoms of PTSD and stopped him wanting to go out. All he wanted to do was hide away and not put himself in any perceived danger – even going to the shops became a massive ordeal.

Life carried on but it was full of fear and anxiety which lead him to leading a pretty small, shallow life. A lot of Tim’s time was spent feeling very low and depressed and he was also prone to angry outbursts and found it hard to control his emotions.

This behaviour continued until his mid 20’s when he discovered club land and all the trapping that go with that. He ended up being a podium dancer, a DJ and finally a club promoter – and in that strange little world – he found himself.

The next stage found Tim trying to close the gap between how he showed up in normal life compared to his clubbing World. He would go from the most confident person in his weekend role as a DJ and promoter, to being shut down and consumed with fear and anything but confident in his normal life.

After his girlfriend at the time said to him that he wasn’t a very happy person, Tim went down the medical root and went to the doctor who diagnosed him with depression. After a spell on anti-depressants and several councillors, he realised that this route wasn’t for him and was proving pointless and frustrating.

After a brief time of seeing a half descent private therapist who taught him that he was actually in control of what was going on, it wasn’t just something that happened to him. Tim found this really empowering and started to learn more and more and also started to apply these learnings to himself.

He was then introduced to the World of self-development via Tony Robbins and then spent the next 12 years learning about himself and about human behaviour. He studied many different models (Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Timeline, Sedona Method, EFT) with a desire to eventually be in a position to help others, once he had sorted his own problems.

In 2012 Tim met Tom Stone. Little did he know at the time, but this was to be a huge turning point in his life. He studied Human Software Engineering under Tom and in the process, cleared up pretty much everything that had ever held him back. No more PTSD, no more anxiety, no more depression and no more suffering in general. For the first time since he was 7 – he was happy 🙂

Enthused by his own massive transformation, Tim trained as a coach with Tom and has been sharing this incredible gift with hundreds of people from all over the globe. He has helped people with every imaginable emotional problem, but has always had a passion for assisting people with anxiety and depression – the things that he suffered so badly with.

More recently, Tim has taken elements of the things that he learnt over his 15 year journey and has incorporated them into a system that the Be You coaches use to get to the root of what people are dealing with and to turn things around for them really quickly.

This has now become his passion and life’s purpose.


Because of the nature of emotional problems, they often appear much more complicated than they actually are. This is amplified by the fact that there is still a lot of stigma and misinformation surrounding mental health. This is the reason I use a simple metaphor to explain what is going on as I see it.

What I’ve found over the years is that if you understand what you are dealing with in a coaching session, how to play the game if you will, then it’s way more likely that, together, we can resolve whatever it is you are dealing with. If you think about it, it’s very hard to win at any game where you don’t understand the rules or the purpose of the game – right?

So I use the splinter metaphor to I explain the challenge and the process in the clearest, least complicated way possible. That way, we make a much better team, and you stand much more chance of winning and achieving freedom from whatever is holding you back.

Another reason I use the metaphor is that emotional problems are something you can’t see or touch, so it’s hard to understand at times. So using the splinter as a metaphor allows me to explain what is going on by using a simple, physical example that we can all relate to.

If you want to hear about the splinter metaphor then book yourself a discovery session and I’ll explain it to you.

Click here to book your FREE session.


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