I love to talk about what I do as I know just understanding how things work can be powerful for people. However, I also feel it is useful for you to hear about it from some of the incredible people I’ve worked with. That way, you can hear first hand experiences from real people who were dealing with real challenges and situations.



Independent Financial Adviser

I first met Tim in August 2016 , I remember driving to his home feeling anxious and sceptical.

Why sceptical?

I had been on anti-depressants at that point for 12 months and had had several counselling sessions and although the anti-depressants took the edge off the counselling had not really worked for me.

I felt I was living on the edge all the time; I had emotions that swung from borderline suicidal to powerful highs. My home was my secure place where I could not be hurt or touched and at times I found it hard to leave it. The bouts of anxiety and sometimes pure anger meant my nearest and dearest never knew what to expect, or what mood I would be in. It was affecting my personal life and relationships, making me insecure and feeling unworthy. My past was anchored too me and hunched my shoulders and closed me off.

At our first meeting Tim explained that past experiences are stored in the body because we still carry the emotion that was attached to the experience and we began talking about what I had experienced in my life.

Tim then began our session based around what came out during that chat. I was no longer anxious at this point. Tim, as a person, is very calming with a warmth that puts you at ease, he explains supports and encourages you along the way.

The outcome was nothing short of remarkable, it’s hard to explain the sheer joy and delight you feel after seeing Tim. For me it was like walking out of a storm and into the warmth and stillness of a summer’s day. My mind was quiet for the first time in as long as I could remember, I felt lighter taller and released. My anger was gone and I mean the stomach churning anger that affects your whole life.

I’ve seem Tim several times since, and by March 2017 I was off the antidepressants and practising Tim’s amazing techniques at home, when anything cropped up that I struggled with. My life is totally different now, and the picture I paint for my life and future is from a totally different palate. My life is lighter and more fulfilled. My journey isn’t over but thanks to Tim and his brilliance and friendship I face life without stress or anxiety, and I’m excited about the future

Civil Servant

I had suffered with anxiety and panic attacks on and off for over 20 years when Tim was recommended to me. Although I was an outgoing and confident person, a traumatic and stressful experience had left me in a situation where anxiety would just overwhelm me and restrict me from doing the things I really enjoyed. I hid it well but often felt so frustrated inside.

Eventually I noticed that I was no longer enjoying life and just threw myself into my job to numb out the fear that the anxiety might strike at any time and ruin everything if I tried to move forward. And so the vicious circle began. I lost friends and some great opportunities as a result. At first I found myself avoiding little things like going on public transport, cinema, the gym. The more I avoided the more it fueled the anxiety and my comfort zone became smaller and smaller.

This had such an impact on me as inside I still wanted to go out there and experience life to the full. It was a constant battle as I had tried all sorts of therapy e.g. CBT, Hypnosis, medication but unfortunately for me they were only a temporary fix. When I heard about HSE and Tim I was pretty skeptical as I thought I had tried everything to rid myself of the dread and panic I felt in certain situations. I had wasted so many years avoiding social events and was pretty damn tired of it so thought ‘ok what have I got to lose’.

This time, thanks to Tim, it doesn’t feel like a temporary fix I actually feel lighter and clearer inside. I am now for the first time in years enjoying life without the fear of anxiety ruining it. I have more insight into my emotions and how to stop them building up and feel confident about my future.

Independent HR consultant

My decision to work with Tim came at a time when I was making a big decision to leave employment and set up my own consultancy business. There wasn't anything specific I had in mind that I needed to deal with - all I knew was that I really liked the sound of what he does and the thought of getting closer to my true, authentic self was a goal. An emotional cleansing if you will.....

As it turned out there was emotional 'stuff' that I had buried deep - things we got to relatively quickly but quite unexpected in what it was for me. I had undergone counselling following the ending of a 20 year relationship, some 2 years prior and thought I had dealt with those emotions. I now understand that this wasn't the case! Having had 3 hours with Tim I can honestly say that those 'blockages' or emotional triggers for me have disappeared.

I have waited a couple of weeks before sending this testimonial as I thought this would give me more opportunity to test whether they really have gone and I can honestly say that yes is the answer!

I now look forward to a clearer path ahead in all aspects of my life, secure in the knowledge that I can call on Tim if I hit any road blocks again. Not only this but I know I am closer to being who I really am, as well as having the privilege of working with someone so passionate and genuine I feel blessed to now know. Thank you Tim!

Gas Boiler Salesman

I've always been a highly strung person and easily stress over anything. I would always wonder how I would interact with people in groups or in a meeting, and get extremely worried even before I entered the room. I used to argue with myself all the time about the smallest things, and worked up situations in my head, and really made things worst for myself than they really had to be.

I've got to admit I'm always up for something new, and am sometimes a little sceptical, but Tim came highly recommended by my brother so I didn't have an issue there.

The process is really simple,I liked the fact that you explained all about it and how it came about. You started with the most simple technique and it worked straight away. The session felt really positive and I could see a clear difference at work the next day.

I wanted to gain more confidence in not just myself, but the way I handled myself in certain situations, and it definitely worked. I'm still the same person, but feel I can handle tougher situations with a lot less worry and stress. I've also noticed that the thought of walking into a room full of people (which used to petrify me) is not so much of an issue now. After a session last week I spoke in front of 15 people and had no issue talking to them all.


When I first came to see you I was what only could be described as an emotional mess. I'd watched two close family members suffer with terminal illness, which I had struggled to deal with and this had left me physically and emotionally drained. My body was so full of tension that I had aches and pains and I couldn't switch off mentally and kept worrying about things I couldn't control.

I heard about HSE through a massage therapist and I just thought I'd give it a try. After three years of being told I was stressed by GP's and the only thing being offered was medication I didn't want to take I decided there had to be a natural way of dealing with how I was feeling.

Before the first session I was a bit worried about what it would entail as I found it really difficult to talk about my dads illness and death. Tim put me at ease straight away and explained what the process would entail. It was non-invasive and he explained I could go into as much detail as i felt comfortable with. I quickly established the unhelpful thoughts and feelings and set to work on freeing myself from what was holding me back.

The great thing about this technique is you can do it in the comfort of your home as and when things occur, which enables you free you mind from unhelpful thoughts as and when they happen.

Eight sessions on I feel much better emotionally, I no longer feel panicky and out of control and finally feel I am starting to get the old me back. I can finally remember the good times with my dad without the emotional baggage I was carrying, which has helped me to accept what happened is just a part of life.

I would say to anyone who doesn't feel like they are living the life they want to because something is holding them back, to give it a go as you're only here once and what have you got to lose!


Network Engineer

Before my session with Tim my fear of flying had got to such a point that I was worrying about it weeks before the holiday and that eventually grew to hardly being able to step onto the plane before takeoff and mild panic all the way there. Once we were on holiday it didn't take long before the fear began all over again thinking about the return journey only this time it was spoiling expensive holidays I should have been enjoying while relaxing.

I was slightly anxious and apprehensive about HSE having never had any kind of coaching or therapy for anything before. But after knowing and trusting Tim and hearing his explanation of HSE and its success rate already I was happy to give it a try as any measure of reduction in the fear suffered would be a bonus.

Once with Tim for the session I felt very at ease and calmed by him. His explanation of the process made me realise the techniques would be even more simple than previously thought. I found the process itself very relaxing and enjoyable. The climax being the success of not being able to even conjure up the gut wrenching feeling that just thinking about flying brought on.

Since the session I have flown 4 times, twice being long haul 9-11 hour flights to India that I never thought I'd ever be able to deal or cope with and yet I was perfectly okay and calm throughout as my fear of flying has completely gone. I cannot thank Tim and the HSE program enough for helping me with an irrational fear that seemed to come out of nowhere one day after flying fine for years and I thought would live with me ruining holidays forever.


I’ve known Tim since 2011 – we met on a Landmark Forum in London and have seen each other change hugely over this time, for the better, but I’d ended up in the early months of 2015 stuck in a bitter and dark place, a place I thought I’d climbed out of. And I really didn’t want to be there. I work in a psychotherapeutic environment, and have been in psychotherapy for nearly 8 months, which has been hugely helpful in my journey towards a fully self-expressed life after a very difficult few years, but at the beginning of March I knew I needed something extra. Insight is helpful, but I needed to take action. I’m naturally a positive, sunny person, and I wasn’t happy hanging onto anger and hurt and disappointment for so a long time. I wanted to move on, but I felt stuck.

So I had a 2-hour Skype session with Tim, which was very relaxed, and very natural, and the most curious thing happened. All the hurt and tension and visceral pain that had been tied up round my heart started to melt away. I felt like a huge weight was being lifted from my shoulders. (At work the next day so many people said that I looked different, I looked happy, I was glowing.) There was a physical change. I felt my shoulders relaxing, my head feeling lighter, I felt a flow of energy. Believe me, I have a scientific mind, I’m an atheist, I think star signs are b****cks and anything that is resolved with homeopathy is entirely explained by the placebo effect – in a word, I am a sceptic – but this REALLY WORKED! I don’t care how, it just did.

As a result, I’m out of the trough of despond. I still feel sad at times, but now that’s OK, it’s not crippling, it’s part of normal life’s ups and downs. I've been able to clean things up with my ex, such that I can feel ‘it was just that the time was wrong’. And that’s the difference – instead of just having the insight, now I can feel it, I can live it.

This is amazing work. I really cannot thank Tim enough. I’d urge anyone who’s feeling blocked to try HSE with Tim. You will be amazed at the difference it makes.

Operations Manager

Prior to meeting up with Tim I had been experiencing periods of high anxiety relating to financial issues and work.

These manifested in me having periods of being unable to think clearly, sleepless nights, and worry on a scale that was way over the top for the actual concern.

I had no concerns about working with Tim as he had been recommended to me following my sister working with another therapist in North Yorkshire. Her results were so impressive and I had finally reached the point where I had had enough of me putting myself through the worry and the torment.

On first meeting he put me at ease and taught me the processes we would use when we came to do a further session. I understand that the process varies for each person, as we are all somewhat different, but the core techniques remain the same. I read the book about the therapy between the first 2 visits and found this consolidated the learning from the first session and primed me well for the second.

I have attended a total of 3 sessions including the introduction. The difference in my feelings is subtle but very profound. I feel myself being able to behave in ways that simply express who I am and how I am feeling rather than worrying about other peoples thoughts about me. Guilt is a word of the past!!! I can recognise when I could have behaved differently but do not beat myself up internally about it anymore. This is truly liberating.

I do still note some old patterns but they are less compulsive and do not relate to the areas I worked on with Tim.

I regularly go for reflexology and my therapist was astounded at the change in my energy when I visited following the sessions.

The sessions have helped me make a decision about leaving my present work and I await what opportunities are coming my way. I am still in the process of deciding the way forward as opposed to leaving the crap behind. I do know that I will be leaving and that I no longer need to work way too many hours, in a job that is exhausting me, just for the sake of the bank account.

Tim’s approach is professional and his attitude one of support.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Tim for the sessions and I may well pay him another visit for the coaching and the fun of the developments.

I would describe myself as someone who has a fair amount of experience of working with people for a range of reasons such as psychological therapy, coaching and general support and professional advice relating to health and well-being. However, as we all know, whilst we may be able to be of service to others sometimes it is more challenging to do it for yourself!! Having met Tim and listened to his experience with the Human Software methods I was very curious. I love learning and Tim's openness, honesty and integrity clearly stood out for me.

I had my first Skype session with Tim in December. I have a very busy mind and have worked with meditation etc but to be honest have struggled to "silence" the chatter!! The technique Tim worked with was probably the first time I did experience that mindful "peace" and to my surprise this was easy to achieve with Tim's guidance. Tim has an ease and patience that allows you to relax and engage with the process. The process aims to unblock, free and clear out emotional "baggage" with simple but highly effective techniques. I felt safe and in control throughout, very relaxed and calm and Tim's guidance was excellent being able to adapt the techniques as things came up that were right for me at that time.

I enjoyed the session. I learned much and especially enjoyed the fact that Tim teaches you the techniques for you to use yourself. I also enjoy the progress I feel I have made in developing a more helpful mindset that will be of huge benefit in all areas of life. Tim's guidance and support is excellent and his ability to build easy and trusting rapport is clearly genuine and natural.

Personal Trainer

I came to see Tim after hearing about HSE and was intrigued and hopeful that I could eventually release some limiting energy I had. I had done many things before with limited results and couldn't work out how this would work so quickly.

Long story short, I spent an hour with Tim and not going to lie, I struggled for at least half the session and tested Tim's skills to the limit. I was ready to walk out as I was angry I couldn't get in touch with the energy then BOOM he got me, we found it, we dealt with it and it was BIG AND STUBBORN to get rid of but we did it. The feeling I had afterwards was a lightness, a freeing feeling and hysterical laughter! The laughter continued all the way home in my car. Tim allowed me to feel a feeling I had never before and thank him for that. My journey with HSE has only just begun I feel and know I have plenty of other energy to shift and can't wait to see what else we can achieve.

Your skills were unbelievable and I'm sorry for being a tough client but you handled this with strategic professionalism and expertise.

Thank you Tim xxx

Visibility Coach

Just to say THANK YOU so much for our coaching session last week. I feel totally invincible.

I didn’t really know what to expect and went with an open mind. What I got is a simple tool set which I can use anytime to totally transfer my state of mind.

And it was so much fun as well! I love how your personality shined through during the session – it made me feel completely at ease to trust you to go through the process!

Thank you, Tim- Watch out world – I am here 🙂 !!


The 2hr HSE session with Tim was a very unique experience which opened my eyes to my mind and body’s innate and unusual ability to store information.

Tim’s passion to help me change really shone through and his voice made it very easy to guide me through a series of simple techniques which didn’t need the whole backstory or tearjerking soundtrack to get in touch with my body and find where I had stored my problems. By not having to recall my sob story to set the scene, I could quickly relax my mind and focus on getting in touch with the feelings attached to the issue.

The techniques were simple and Tim delivered them in a way that was fun, engaging and uplifting. His questions were thought provoking, on point and well timed in a way that felt unrehearsed or scripted. We were very much going with the flow. My conscious state during the guided exercises helped open up new avenues I’d not been aware of while looking at the problem head on.

As our session came to a close, I didn’t feel the usual overwhelming tearful sense of joy and happiness of coming out of trance, but more of a connected warmth and lightness in my body which I felt had reopened some circuits that had been closed down. Kind of like unraveling a hose so the water can flow through. Something feels different and though I can’t put my finger on it, I’m pleased with the results so far. I’ve just felt more like myself and would recommend experiencing this technique with Tim for yourself…

Health Writer/Entrepreneur

Well what can I say?

In Tim, I have found integrity, honesty and a passion that matches my own of making people’s life better, happier and stronger.

With all this, you might think that it is a heavy load and a mountain too hard to climb. But with Tim I have climbed it in fun and vanquished a few demons and dragons. Yes, there are still some more but he listened and helped me get rid of those important to me, without judgement, rancor or upset.

He has helped me move beyond myself to begin to be who I know I was meant to be all those years ago.

I can definitely say that as a coach and also now as a friend he is a precious entity that only succeeds when you do. No matter the step … my success, your success… is his -Tim’s – success. Fantastic!

Personal Trainer

As a personal trainer and fitness app developer I’m always on the lookout for systems that can link the physical capabilities of the body with the exceptional possibilities of the mind. Having studied NLP and hypnosis I’ve always felt there has been a missing link between the physical and emotional which these self help systems don’t address.

After being introduced to HSE by Tim Neale I was very excited about the possibility of connecting my physical self with my emotional self. After my first session I was not disappointed. The best way to describe HSE is I was left with a feeling of balance and calm. It was if I had opened the door way to the person I know I could be and more importantly the person I wanted to be. On physical note at the time I was highly stressed at the time with no roof on my house, managing builders, a dispute with a tenant and my first baby on the way to boot. My stress was washed away and by washed I mean literally. The water retention I was suffering from the stress was literally washed out resulting in a 6lbs weight loss over night.

I can’t wait for my next session to see how I can progress and better my self further. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending HSE to any of my clients who want to improve themselves on physical and emotional levels.


I arrived to my 1st visit with Tim open minded but not knowing what to expect, I was a little apprehensive although Tim put me at ease straight away. He explained the process really well and made me feel comfortable.

When we got started I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel, Tim never prompted me or told me how I was supposed to feel but simply carried on asking me the questions and made me feel relaxed. When the feeling came, wow did it hit me and the feeling of relief and weight lifted off my body and mind was unbelievable. I have experienced a nervous sick feeling whenever I think of the issues we addressed however since meeting with Tim I can think of these things without experiencing the sick feeling.

I now use the techniques that Tim has taught me as part of a daily routine if I feel het up or nervous, and I can hand on heart say it works every time.

I can say I am definitely looking forward to my next session with Mind Master Tim. ;0) x

Dance Teacher

I’ve done a lot of different therapies and even studied some too. What I loved about this was the simplicity and the calmness i was left feeling afterwards. In the session I didn’t even have to talk about the issues..yet as a coach Tim was able to facilitate me into a deep meditative state where I connected to my imagination that I had not tapped into for a long time. (live) Thank you Tim and I look forward to our next session xxxx

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